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@ Hello everybody, to begin, a bad news: The Morbus Gravis Videogame, initially foressen for the end of April was repelled to an indefinite date (autumn, 2001). Apparently, after a small discussion with the editor (Microids), the game would be at the moment only an interactive film... And so unplayable :-( In the meantime, we found for you thirty new game pictures, go fast at the following address in the Druuna 3D section: Goodbye and wait for more informations about the game in June Loic Strullu - team

@ Hello, Today, in exclusivity for the website and before anybody else for you : the members ;-) A little comics made by P.E.Serpieri in 1981, so 4 years before the first Druuna album. We can already find the Druuna feeling: -A gorgeous nude women -some monsters -the graphical Druuna style the address :

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